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Gather Place Museum, headquarters in The African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church of Yardley, is in the Historic District of Yardley Borough, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. This landmark dwelling stands as a poignant emblem of Bucks County’s rich heritage. This property has origins dating back to 1682, when Quaker William Yeardley laid the village’s foundation. The site has been a cornerstone of community and faith, most recently brought back to life!

Transforming through the years from a hay press barn where a small group of African Americans were welcomed to worship here, known as the “Free Peoples Church” and The Colored Church established in 1817. Then established as The African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church in 1877, when African American congregants traveled over from the nearby Delaware River from Trenton, New Jersey, purchased the property and built this church. In 1982, the dedicated efforts of the late Mrs. Helene Derry Giles, a devoted African American resident of Yardley Borough, culminated in the A.M.E Church being recognized as a Historic Place in Bucks County by the Bucks County Conservancy. This honor is celebrated with a plaque on the building’s front façade, alongside a new plaque from the Heritage Conservancy, received this year. Additionally, this landmark building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, marking its significance.

Under Shirley Lee Corsey’s stewardship since July 2022, Gather Place Museum reveals the overlooked narratives of African American people and community, intertwined with Yardley’s Quaker founders and its vital role in the Underground Railroad. Gather Place Museum’s mission is – “Preserving History, Celebrating Culture and Community Engagement!

Join us for two extraordinary weekends about Pennsylvania’s founding family, celebrating women pioneers, and notable First Ladies of the United States of America. Get on our tour bus, leaving from Gather Place Museum located at the Historic District of Yardley Borough, Pa. and travel with us between two historic Lower Bucks County, Pennsylvania locations along the historic Delaware River! Find out more at: https://gatherplace.org/womens-history-weekends

Join us at our Rediscover Ye Old Yardleyville event on Friday, June 14th! Find out more at: https://www.facebook.com/events/449826924297376/?ref=newsfeed

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