Historical Yardley

Main and Afton Avenue. For this historical photo and others,
visit the Yardley Historical Association website.

Yardley was founded by William Yardley in 1682, who came to America from England with his family. He purchased 500 acres of land from William Penn for ten pounds and settled the property known as Prospect Farm, located on the outskirts of what is present-day Yardley Borough.

When William Yardley and his family all passed away in the decade between 1693 and 1703, likely of smallpox, his nephew, Thomas Yardley, traveled from England to settle the estate and chose to stay, opening a ferry line between the village and New Jersey.

The Yardley family stayed on the land for more than 150 years and Yardley Borough was incorporated on March 4, 1895.

Yardley was an important stop on the Underground Railroad for escaped slaves during the American Civil War. Yardley’s residents at the time were mostly Quakers, and helped countless escaped slaves on their journeys to freedom.

For more information on the historic and cultural significance of our little town, please visit Yardley Historical Association or Gather Place Museum, because there is so much to learn!