Experience Yardley, in collaboration with Visit Bucks County, is thrilled to introduce Visit Yardley! Visit Yardley was developed to showcase the charm and attractions of Yardley and its neighboring areas. By spotlighting local events, attractions, and enticing activities, Visit Yardley aims to inspire individuals beyond Bucks County to discover and enjoy Yardley and its surroundings. Through our partnerships, our objective is to foster exploration, support overnight accommodations, and bolster local businesses, all while enhancing the visitor experience.

The African American Museum of Bucks County honors the rich legacy of the African American experience, inspiring pride in their heritage, sharing the untold stories and hidden figures in Bucks County and beyond. Their programs explore the diverse cultures that have shaped our shared history and heritage. They tell these stories through special exhibitions, community events and educational programs designed for families, students, and adults of all ages.

To learn more about the African American Museum of Bucks County and the programs they offer, visit their site here.

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